You are as talented as the photographers you admired
Heather Eggerichs(non-registered)
Great work sister. Can't wait to see you again.
Joe Marcella(non-registered)
Great pics brings me back to the old days KOOLLOOKING PICS
Excellent work! great variety-- detail, motion, B/W, color, people, places, etc. These views we all pass by everyday and yet do not see in the moment. Keep up the Fire!
Jeremy Food(non-registered)
Aaron A. Moore(non-registered)
Very Cool - Great Photos !
Matt the Welder(non-registered)
Outstanding work !
Pat Fitch(non-registered)
I am so proud to say that Debbie is my daughter and her photographs are amazing. Her heart is in all she does which makes it so beautiful! Deb is a wonderful young woman, a talented photographer!
Wow, I am amazed by your talent. Thanks for the kind words on IG.
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