Growing up I would spend countless hours flipping through National Geographic, Rolling Stone and Life Magazines. I was so intrigued by the power the images held over my emotions. Through the pages I found myself moved from laughter to fear to sadness and then back again. I imagined what a glorious job it must be to capture such profoundly moving images and what an incredible gift to be able to present them to others. Even as a child, I knew that if I could find such a career I would live a full and amazing life while possibly impacting others the way my favorite photographers have done for me.
There is great comfort I find while hiding behind the lens and I feel as if I do my best work when simply roaming out on my studio, no models, no fancy lighting, no plan. I fell in love with the art of photojournalism early in life and now I live it.
My passion is creating emotion through my work and finding a different way of presenting the many things within our world, things that could easily just be passed by.
Welcome to my portfolio; I truly hope you enjoy what you see.

-Debbie Fitch

My photojournalism has been published in 1903 Magazine, The Horse Backstreet Choppers, Basket Case Magazine, Chopcult, In The Wind Magazine, Easyriders Magazine, Wrench Magazine, Hot Bike Magazine, Cycle Source Magazine, Lowside, Iron Horse Magazine, Traditional Chopper, 13 1/2 Magazine, L.A.C.E. Magazine and other publications around the world.
Please contact me for possible assignments or endeavors.